Reset Mission Mastery?

Each time you complete a mission in New York, you have a chance to unlock a new Avatar Set piece (12 total).

Players, however, are mastering all the NY Missions and wondering why they haven’t gotten all the avatar pieces.

The reason for this is that there is no correlation between your level of Mission Mastery and the avatar piece drops.

Even if you’ve completed and mastered all the NY Missions, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have unlocked all the new items.

So, what to do if you’ve mastered everything and are still a few items short? Well, you could just choose to keep going.

A full Mastery Bar does not mean you have to stop doing the mission. It just means you’ll be doing a mission you’ve already mastered.

Of course, doing a mission that is already completely Mastered can drain your BotE pretty quickly.

So, how do you avoid spending too much precious BotE on Mastered Missions? Reset your Mastery!

The Reset Mission Mastery button will appear at the top of any NY tier you’ve fully mastered:

Reset Mission Mastery

When you click the button, you’ll be prompted with a screen confirming your desire to reset your Mission Mastery:

Reset Mastery Confirmation

Resetting your Mission Mastery will:

-Reset your Mastery Level to 0%.

-Allow you to continue doing missions at a lower cost.

-Allow you to re-earn the New York Abilities.

Resetting your Mission Mastery will not:

-Negate XP, Blood, Items, Favor Points, Energy, gained or spent during your initial Mission Mastery.

-Increase your % chance of getting any items.

-Allow you to re-gain Skill Points rewarded for mastering each tier.

-Prevent you from unlocking Flames of Liberty.

-Remove you from the 1000 FP and 500 FP drawings.

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77 Responses to “Reset Mission Mastery?”

  1. this helps out my questioning quite a bit. thanks!!!!!!

  2. I reset it multiple time and received all of the abilities and avatar dress up items. The only complaint I have is it will only let you have one Flames Of New York No mater how many times you do all the missions.

  3. Sorry to hear all the trouble u have been having. Just wanted to say that I re-masteered all 3 tiers twice then started a 3rd time before finally getting last avatar item too drop. Might have helped having 25, 50 or 100% rare loot from missions going in search of items. As for B.O.E. just spent alot of time redoing masterd missions from NEO, ADEPT, STALKER, & SAVANT. Thanks for the event just PLEASE PLAN IT OUT BETTER NEXT TIME……..

  4. Laura Bites Says:

    I like my avatar just the way she is. My problem is that I really wanted the new background. I didn’t want to reset the missions because I thought I would not get the FoL. By the time I read all these posts and did reset, now I won’t have enough time to get them all mastered to see if the last remaining item would drop for me. Now I am wondering if I can ever get a new background. 😦

  5. Yanina Toledo Says:

    I did all 3 mission’s & had ALL the female items so imagine what a shock I got when I went to change into them today and was MINUS the TOP!!!!.
    My clan has only 22 I was using Collector bugging my friends and checking everyone’s VW post’s to get the E Blood. The time/effort did not bother me after all I chose to do the missions but I am a bit ticked off that I have that item missing. Did this happen to any 1 else ???

  6. i’ve reset the missions many times already and still no final item. this is rediculs. i’ve used like 1000 blood of elders and still no jacket. they better go on sale. they made getting the final avi item WAY too HARD. i’ll say this, I don’t care about the 500 fp. i just want the jacket.

  7. why cant I by the NY outfits`??? I have unlocked 10… but cant by them

  8. i guess it kinda felt unfair as there was not enough time to finish the NY Missions and even the Vampire Santa as the items (like BoE and Reindeer Food) were hard to get especially when you have only clan of 4. i really like to get the FoL.

  9. Darren Phillips Says:

    This info comes WAY too late!

    I’m 2 items short and have been throught the NY tier FOREVER!!

    I’ll be glad when it’s bloody gone – I HATE IT and just see it as an innefective way to make this boring game more intricate and keep players.

    I got no joy out of it and it’s about time Zynga started giving better rewards!!!

    Been playing a year – bored now.


  10. i tink this is really crud cause i need 3 av items and when its finished will we be able 2 buy the outfits at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wish I would had known that from the beginning. I was nervous in reseting missions thinking I would lose the chance in the drawing, and only need one last item!!!!!!!!!

  12. I re-did the missions twice , but am still missing ONE miserable item. With only a few hours left I guess I’ll just leave it at what I got … it was only the backround anyways. It sure would have been nice to get it . It is nice to have gotten the abilities more than once (except the main one)

  13. Jami McKinney Says:

    I didn’t reset the missions. I mastered them all and still needed the last 4 avatar pieces so I went back and just did the first mission of the first tier. I only used 3 BoE and 3 energy each time, and I unlocked them within 2 days.

  14. i wanted to say yeah!! for most of the complaints so here goes.. “HELL YEAH!!” WTF!! no fair!! i din get jus that ONE AVATAR PIECE!!! so obv i din get the background too! doooh.. so frustrating!

  15. Worst Event Ever

  16. Again today I did the misions in NY. TOld me I got the last 2 pieces of the clothing but still nothing in my avatar page and the items aren’t checked off on the NY page. THis is VERY ANNOYING!

  17. I can’t even find that button!

  18. I wish that this had been posted earlier. I am really beginning to hate this game and vow that if I do not gain at least something positive from all this work I will give up Vampire Wars forever.

  19. […] Reset Mission Mastery? Each time you complete a mission in New York, you have a chance to unlock a new Avatar Set piece (12 total). Players, […] […]

  20. Hi !
    Well ! Same problem as everyone.
    I just wanted to say that I would have found it normal to have all the pieces when finish all the tiers.
    And moreover, At the beginning of this mission, the pieces of outfit came quickly, but when I came to the third chapter, no pieces at all, and now that i’ve finished, no pieces again.
    Well, I think the “bad luck” is not really bad luck, but hey ! I’m pessimistic…. Or not.

    I’ve to discover three pieces, but only one for the woman outfit, and I’d like to have this one, at least. But I really can’t afford giving all my money for this.

  21. I got all avatar items when I did Chapter 3 the first time. Hadn’t tried resetting the previous 2 chapters for the avatar stuff, turns out I didn’t need to, they all dropped during Chapter 3 =) I wasn’t even thinking about the avatar items, lol. We only get one Flames of Liberty but you can get multiples of the other abilities and they’re well worth the effort, imo. Especially Kings and Crowd Control.

  22. must be kismet, got all 12 and the background 1st time…thanks v.w! x

  23. Agreed with every one else. It’s hard for us with tiny clans to get the BotE for these missions and then having to reset over and over… 😦 I think if all the missions got mastered, we should have picked up all 12 items. I’m still two or three short as well and have no way of getting much BotE before time runs out.

  24. Broken Dina/Rose Wohlffe Says:

    Again…as so many and specifically “Amanda” write: I have 5/10 or 7/12 or however many out of 12, yet only a few of those items show…disregarding the fact I have 8/12 with four each of the male and female items, I have gotten the message that I just got a new item, yet not a blessed thing shows up that I didn’t have before…explain please?

    I have also noticed that y’all don’t answer the questions here, you just move on to something else…answers please?

  25. Broken Dina/Rose Wohlffe Says:

    I get told “You have gotten x/10 items” when there are supposedly 12, and I have supposedly gotten all items, but nothing other than what I already had is showing up as me having it…so what is the point of re-mastering *which I HAVE done, btw* if there is 1) no guarantee 2) inaccurate game information to begin with?

    This game is one of my favorites, but it is slowly but surely losing favor points with me, simply for reasons like this, where things get added on late into the game, then we get told, “Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles” instead of making something that has accurate information from the get-go. Thanks.

  26. bit late with this info really
    this should have been posted on the Vampire Wars main menu when it was advertising the new york missions.

  27. Damjan Peric Says:

    I REALY need to un-buy a background
    is this posible???

  28. One more item to go! It’s been almost a week but no luck :(.

    Lucky i gave-up getting the last item after a few wasted tries.

  29. I have reset and completed all of the first 2 tiers and have not recieved ANY further clothing pieces (I am 4 pieces short) since completing the first time, I am really disapointed as I gained the first 4 quite easily.

  30. Im with u guys on the resetting… Im on my 3rd or 4th reset on the 1st ones and 2nd reset on the other 2. Its a bit discouraging to keep wasting favor points and trying to get the blood to keep going specially if u have a small clan to help. Im 2 items short the male jacket and female blouse.. Oddly enuf my bf needs the same exact ones.. anyone else missing only these? Drop rate indeed sucks 😦

    • Yup missing the same exact ones. I actually did win them today but they never showed up in my avatar pieces or got checked off on the NY page. SO which then didn’t give me the background

  31. wait What??? redoing missions doesnt prevent us from unlocking flames of liberty? does it mean that by redoing missions flames of liberty can be unlocked again nd again or am i misunderstanding it bcause i have done missions many times but i have not unlocked any extra flames of liberty but just one. nd i also agree isnt this post so late? event has ENDED nd now you are telling people these basic things

  32. Have you stopped energy refills for votes? I have not had on in days and had plenty votes

  33. missCullen Says:

    I’ve been doing the New York Missions and it has been weeks since I got a new outfit!!! Why is that??? Today is the last day of New York and I’m sad to say I didn’t collect all the outfits…

  34. Ive gone through lots of blood and still have come up short on clothes. i have a clan of 500 and ive resorted to begging for more blood to try to get all the items. im 2 short and sorta feel let down. ive reset many times to no avail. ive heard people chatting about being board and quitting.Please spice things up a little more maybe. The excitment is wearing off and not all of us can afford to pay to get to the top of this games food chain.

  35. Can we switch out a female avatar piece later? I just want the last male ny piece so I can wear it. Don’t care as much about the drawing.

  36. the shadow transformationn x2 sucks i have not gotten past tier 1 becuz of that i have gambled spent my favor money to find that even if i had opened another chest it would not have been there, now some people i guess just have luck but that sucks you put it there in the first place x1 would have been sufficient

    • Goto savant mission >> rescue an ally from underworld.. the abiltiy u get from there is shadow transformation!
      cheers! 🙂

  37. I finished the missions about 2 weeks ago and I am still trying to get 2 items. Im gonna be sooooo pissed if I don’t get the damn blouse!

  38. The clothes drop probability rate is extremely poorly set and everyong is right, this should have been more explicitly explained at the outset. I thought all my clothing pieces would have dropped by the end of my first mastery despite my having read about the random drops. I have been losing sleep to try to get the FOUR items that I am missing. Totally unfair. You are unjustly rewarding people for spending money on BOE, which many of us can’t afford to do.

  39. I have recieved 5 of 12, but my collection only shows the hair and bracelet. Why?

  40. I have been disppointed in all the time spent trying to earn the last two avatar items. I’ve enjoyed the NY tier, but this part has been frustrating. I agree with other comment about more avatar items that could be purchased with blood would be great!

  41. Just started my 3rd reset, can’t begin to count the amount of BOE I’ve spent in the past 2 days, and still no avatar pieces… Between that, and the “Try Refreshing” box that pops up when you click ANYTHING, the game is starting to lose it’s appeal…

  42. I am missing 3 items also. Seems like alot have the same problem. Is this a coincidence?

  43. If at the end of new york missions will i keep the blood of the eldera i have left or will i lose them-i worked to collect what i have now and i really dont want to lose them now.

  44. on the game on myspace half the gift page is missing so you can not send gifts at all so hopefully you guys can fix it so i can send elder of blood.

  45. Well, this sucks (pun intended). Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Won’t believe you again. You got the last money I’ll ever spend on this game. Not worth the headache to get this kind of runaround. Give what you promised rather than change the rules at the end of the game. I’d use stronger language to describe what I think of your game masters, but why bother with your kind of game spirit? You have none.

  46. I mastered all three NY levels and got all the new abilities but it seemed like the minute I had done so, I couldn’t find anymore avatar pieces. I started remastering the levels but haven’t turned up a single new avatar piece. Its a little discouraging because before I would find one at least every few days.

  47. yeah I got all of the clothes in like a week but my sister that started at the same time as me still has not gotten all the clothes yet. I guess it is just luck but it is not really fair. She has reset the missions way more then me and done them way more then me. Why is this so uneven?

  48. I also am quite annoyed on the avatar drops. I only have a measly clan of 18 or so, which none send gifts, and being only level 50 can not get an exess of BotE. I love the looks of the avatar peices, and through NY mastery I have gotten 9 out of the 12. I am missing the Blouse, Jacket, and Shirt. You should really increase the rates at the end, becuase for smaller clanned players we can not get an exess and do the jobs ten times over.

  49. Have to say I feel a bit cheated after working so hard getting blood of elders in every way possible. I think it’s unfair to tell us at the end that reseting offer options. However, as noted by others who reset and re-done the missions, there no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Plus blood of elders is way too difficult to accumulate. No pun intended but the process was draining.

    I also want to add, I think it would be a nicer experience if avatar items could be purchased for blood or favor points only. Honestly, I’ll not spend my hard earned $$ on any of the Zynga games.

    I think I might ditch vamp wars all together after all of this. What a waste of my precious time.

  50. my meandering experience: I reset my mastery levels and achieved all avatar items, the flames of liberty and the NY BG, but… it still says i only have 9 of 10 items. I’ve seen so many clannies go through so much and work and for what? Sorry but this NY game sucks- literally and figuratively! Not to mention Santa’s dead Reigndeer that never allows me to post for help on my wall. *baawk* :((

  51. reset 5 times on chap 3 get full set
    need abt 350+ boe and 750+ energy per reset
    each time if lucky get 2 more avatar
    hope its help

  52. Yeah, I have also reset it and nothing has dropped.. I also need two items to complete the “mission”. grrrrrrrrr

  53. I can’t get past tier one in NY because of the shadow transformation – it’s stupid. I come back every day and used tons of favor points to try and get them and have not gotten even one. I’m stuck and it is really stupid to be stuck on the game because it’s purely luck if you get it!!!

      • Please give more time for the NY missions – I too got caught with the shadow transformation trap which stopped me from getting to the 2nd and 3rd tier till only a few days ago. Plus I do not have a large clan giving me dozens of BoE’s so I feel I have been disadvantaged as well. Unfortunately this game seems to be heavily weighted towards those people who have large clans – this is not very fair to those of us who only have clans of 2 or 3 active players.

    • borrow shadow transformation from one of your clan.

    • Go to the Savant section and go to Rescue an Ally from the Underworld section. You’ll be able to retrieve shadow transformation from there Tammi as well as a few other things. Cheers, David

    • I agree! I bought and used sooo many favor points to try and go through NY and I can’t even get past the first level/tier because of the Shadow transformation requirement.

    • Hi Tammi, You could have asked soemone to gift it to you. It is probably too late now but if you want me to send it to you then ask…. I will oblige and yes I agree with your comments… took me over a week to get my first then was gifted with the second…

  54. Tonight Alone I’ve gone thru 300 BoE and not one piece of clothing has dropped.. I’m 3 short and I have reset every level at least twice.. I think the drop rate of clothing during this period has been horrible.. I wish you would add more clothes to spend BLOOD on.. .. I understand you want to make money but seriously put up some blood costly clothes!..


  56. I mastered all of them but that will not allow me to win the 1000 favor points??

  57. this should of been posted way sooner then this the ny mission ends in like 1 day

  58. I mastered all 3 missions. reset and mastered them all 2 more times. I still didn’t get extra abilities, or all the avatar items

  59. Maybe this notice may have been more informative at the beginning of the NY missions rather than with less than 2 days to go!!

    Although I have reset the missions several times I’m still awaiting that elusive final item – some people are just lucky I suppose – others less so. Fingers crossed I get the final item in the next 2 days!

    • Keep the faith Helen! I needed the man’s jacket and for DAYS and I mean DAYS I could not find it for the life of me. Finally today, I found it. So keep going. You will get the final item.

  60. i done that im short out of 12 im short 3 and it sucks i worked hard and kinda disappointing thanks cherie’

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